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Are you ready to move on with the LIFE Christ died to give you?

A Coach unlocks the creative design & giftedness GOD has placed within each individual. You are complete in Him. 

Schedule your appointment with me as your personal coach.

If you would like to schedule a phone consultation to start working toward your amazing future... to contact /mention personal coaching for details and options that fit your individual need. 

Life is a gift ~ Invest in you.
Sandy  Redfearn
winter sabbatical
Quiet Place designs
Life & Leadership Coach ~ Writer ~ Voice
These sessions are open to all.
Sandy will encourage your heart through the prophetic gifts of teaching and personal ministry.
February 13th, 2016  ~ 10:30am   March 5th,  May 14th

Springfield, Missouri Area  

16 English Village Park, Nixa
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My mission is to awaken a generation to a passionate love for God's presenceHisWord, & His
Voice through knowing God intimately
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